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Friday, May 21 2010

Palm oil has received a lot of negative publicity in the media, but what really is wrong with palm oil as a natural skin care ingredient?

Palm oil is a spectacular skin care ingredient being rich in carotenes, vitamin E, vitamin K and co-enzyme Q-10. Read more of the benefits in our ingredients glossary.

So, what really IS wrong with palm oil?

Palm oil is a globally traded commodity that is used in approximately 50 percent of all consumer goods, from soaps and detergents to breakfast cereals, lipsticks and biofuels. Grown on massive plantations in tropical nations, palm oil production has been associated with rainforest destruction and related threats to the habitat of animals, including orangutans.

Palm oil plantations cover large areas of land in Malaysia and Indonesia. Most of these plantations are in areas which were previously rainforest and the home of abundant animal life. Converting these rainforests into plantations causes the loss of habitat, the burning to clear the land releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and the limited areas of refuge for the orangutan and other native species are being further depleted.

As a business ethically concerned with the health of our animal friends, and our precious planet, these deforestation and habitat limiting practices are of great concern to Hippy Heaven Natural Beauty.

There are some plantations which are sustainable, and have been operating for many years without infringing on rainforest habitats, and Hippy Heaven Natural Beauty chooses to purchase palm oil ONLY from these established sustainable sources. However, since such massive consumption of palm oil occurs worldwide, clearly, these sustainable plantations cannot bear the load of production required.

As such, Hippy Heaven Natural Beauty has reduced the percentage of palm oil in its products by 78%.

We encourage all those interested in creating their own skin care to use the smallest amount of palm oil practicable in your products, at least until such time as strict regulations are in place as to the production of palm oil, and, to purchase only palm oil which you can be sure is obtained from sustainable sources.

Care for your skin, while also caring for our animal friends and beautiful planet. Join forces with Palm Oil Action in Australia to help make positive changes!

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