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Massage Oil Base - 1 Litre Bulk

A delicious and soothing blend of grapeseed oil with natural vitamin E. Perfect to add your choice of essential oils for a specialised massage treatment, or leave as is for sensitive skins.


Our blended Massage Oil Base provides long lasting slip on the skin, yet will not clog pores. Oil remains fresh to use one year from purchase. Packaged in an eco-friendly amber PET bottle with watertight black lid.

Choose to purchase unscented, to create your own massage oil, or select a Hippy Heaven essential oil blend and we will add it for you!

Guidelines for adding your own essential oils

Eye area - 0.25% (5 drops per 100ml)  ~  Face - 0.25 – 1% (5 to 20 drops per 100ml)  ~  Body – 1-2% (20 to 40 drops per 100ml)  ~  Feet – 2% (40 drops per 100ml)  ~  Other oils total (such as rosehip, evening primrose etc) 1-10% (1-10ml per 100ml) 

You may also choose to use this oil as an additive in creams, lotions and washes for its moisturising, skin smoothing properties - at up to 10%.

Choose a Hippy Heaven Oil Blend to add

  • Heaven Signature Blend - A luscious blend of cedarwood atlas, sweet marjoram, geranium, frankincense, lime, lavender, sandalwood and more, creating a woody, light scent with mild earthy, citrus and floral undertones. Perfect for everyday, a clear mind and relaxation.
  • Hippy -  Perfect for warm summer days, with a refreshing citrus aroma, combining patchouli and sweet Australian orange oil. A subtle blend, wonderful to layer several products on your skin for an all day, long lasting, natural scent.
  • Energy - With rosewood, peppermint, lemon myrtle, lime and more. An invigorating scent with citrus and wood undertones. An excellent choice for men, or to revive and refresh.
  • Intimacy - Ylang ylang, patchouli, cedarwood atlas and lemon combine to create a beautiful earthy scent wonderful for intimacy. Perfect for togetherness and harmony.
  • Peace - A soothing combination of Mandarin and Lavender. Designed to relax and unwind the senses. 
  • Sugar n Spice - A sweet spicy blend of vanilla and cinnamon, perfect for those with a sweet tooth!
  • Spring Revival - Sweet orange and vanilla combine to evoke a "spring is in the air" mood. Wonderful for use any time of year!
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